Anina Mine of Ideas - visual research in an ex-mining town
Small team: Teodora Ungureanu, Machidon Victor, Eliza Bistrian
Project coordinators: Oana Țiganea, Gabriela Pascu
Organised by: Asociația pt. Patrimoniul Activ Timișoara, Alba Verde Association, Anina City Hall
my role: small team coordinator, photographer
memory maps
diy play
play in a former industrial site
playing in the fields
Anina Mine of Ideas is a multidisciplinary project studying the ex-mining town of Anina in south-west Romania and its perspectives for growth in relation to its industrial heritage.
The project started in 2014 and I got involved in 2015. At first it was strictly about the architectural industrial heritage but it expanded to regard the whole city, with both material and immaterial elements. In 2018, we proposed to study the local memory and how the town’s history is seen by its residents. Our team focused on the new generation and how they perceive the city and the mining sites as playgrounds.
play in an old tunnel
at Orașul Nou (translates as New City)
shadow of the playground